Top 10 cyber crime stories of 2018

The year of 2018 was marked by several reports on the spiralling cost of cyber crime to businesses as well as to the national and the global economy, as the cyber security industry turned to the bottom line as a motivator for decision makers to prioritise defence against cyber criminal activities.

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Deutsche Bank money laundering probe

Deutsche Bank’s Frankfurt headquarters has been raided by German police as part of a money laundering probe linked to the Panama Papers.

Investigators are looking into the activities of two Deutsche Bank staff members who are alleged to have helped clients set up offshore firms to launder money, the prosecutor’s office said.

Around 170 police officers, prosecutors and tax inspectors searched six Deutsche offices in and around Frankfurt, and several documents were seized. The investigation is ongoing. More info, click here

JFSC 2019 Business Plan – Focus on AML/CFT

JFSC launched Business Plan on 6 February stating that one of its key objectives will be to focus more on AML/CFT compliance.  This is ahead of the FATF and MONEYVAL visits in the next few years.

CPD First offers both AML/CFT e-learning and classroom training too.

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