Audit of Corporate Lending


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Course Description: Overall the course provides users with a fundamental understanding of the nature of corporate lending and its various forms as well as what happens when corporate lending goes wrong. It examines in some detail the key controls for managing the corporate lending process.

Target Audience: The course is suitable for auditors and those responsible for looking at the internal controls surrounding Corporate Lending. It does not cover in any detail the credit review process.

In the first module Users will understand the sources of corporate finance, the key players and gain an understanding of the details of the corporate loan product and what happens when corporate lending goes wrong. The second module focuses on the Basel Regime and the capital structure required to support lending. The last two modules examine best market practices in terms of internal control and explain the challenges faced by internal auditors.

Course Length: Four modules, each approx. 45 minutes.

Knowledge Check: This course does not have a built in knowledge check, but a certificate of completion can be provided for CPD purposes.

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