Financial Crime Series: Professional Accountants


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Course desription

The course examines the legal and regulatory framework behind MLR17 and then goes on to look in detail at Money Laundering, Tax Evasion and Terrorist Financing before turning to examine the Firm Wide Risk Assessment and Responsibility and Oversight. It looks in detail at Employee Hiring, Record keeping, Customer Due Diligence, KYC and the Risk Based Approach to AML. It concludes with sections on Reporting and Compliance.

The 2 hour course has been developed based on guidelines issued by the CCAB and thus the principles and guidelines are suitable for accountants everywhere. 

The course is followed by a knowledge check. You must obtain 80% or more to pass this course. The course is designed for professional accountants who want to understand the implications of MLR17 and how to effectively address their potential exposure to money laundering.