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Course Description: This is an advanced course spread over 6 modules and is suitable for all levels of employee requiring professional level training and a more detailed understanding of the principles of good governance around the area of financial crime.

After a discussion on the principles behind a good governance framework the course examines the nature and scope of financial crime risk, including predicate offences and terrorist financing. This is followed by two modules which examine topics such as risk appetite, culture, employee screening, CDD and payment transparency so as define what the Financial Crime Compliance Risk Control Framework should look like. The fifth module explains the risk based approach a firm should undertake towards financial crime risk and the course concludes with a module on the policy and standards which need be in place.

The course is followed by a knowledge check.  You must obtain 80% or more to pass this course. Once you have completed the knowledge check, please provide some course feedback and then download and collect your certificate.

Course Length: 225 minutes across 6 modules.

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