Stress Testing


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Course Description: : The course provides users with a fundamental understanding of the reasons for a stress testing and scenario analytical framework as well as international regulators’ expectations and the essential controls that are required. It starts with the underlying philosophy of stress testing and scenario analysis. Looking at situations where institutions and society has failed to engage in meaningful processes of imagination. It then takes a look at the subject from the perspective of the regulator before explaining the optimal governance framework for stress testing and scenario analysis and how risk appetite is factored into the process. It concludes with a discussion of the infrastructure challenges and how scenario planning can be best used.

Target Audience: The course is suitable for anyone wanting an understanding of the concepts of stress testing and how they can be put into practice. It is particularly useful to auditors and internal control staff who need to examine the area.

Course Length: Four modules, each approx. 45 minutes.

Knowledge Check: This course does not have a built in knowledge check, but a certificate of completion can be provided for CPD purposes.

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