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Compliance & Anti-Money Laundering courses for financial service professionals in Jersey.

Protecting against tomorrow’s risks through the use of comprehensive online courses.

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Our courses are designed by industry experts and tailored to meet the specific needs of financial services professionals in Jersey.

Our AML course are tailored to Jersey, whilst other courses are generic and can be used irrespective of your location.

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Why CPD First Online Courses?

We’re Jersey and we know Jersey! CPD First offers you Off the Shelf AML/CFT courses designed specifically for Jersey laws and regulations. All our courses are beautifully presented, designed by industry professionals for industry professionals.

Whatever your e-learning training requirements, we have a solution for you:

Our other non-Jersey specific courses, include Cyber Security, GDPR and Workplace Courses. See what our clients say below!

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We cover a wide range of topics

CPD First online AML courses are written by professional for professionals. Due to their content, presentation, and interactivity, it drops users into real life, scenario-based questions to test their knowledge, understanding and ability to uncover risks.

Many of our clients regularly report that our courses are simply the best on-line AML courses they have seen.

Anti-Money Laundering

How to implement effective anti-money laundering policies and procedures, as well as best practices for monitoring and reporting suspicious activity.

Cyber Security

Learn about the world of cyber security, its evolution and the defensive role you play as the human firewall to protect your organisation from cyber threats.

Data Protection

Delve deep in to the principles of data protection, regulatory requirements, data subject rights, data breaches, and international data transfers.

Environmental Crime

Become an expert on the prevention of illegal activity that harms the environment, either through pollution or destruction of natural resources.

Market Abuse

Cover a range of topics on the behaviours that undermine the integrity of financial markets and exploit other market participants for personal gain.

Risk & Compliance

We aim to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand, identify, and manage risks and compliance requirements in various industries.