Meet The Team

Paul Hamilton

In 2001, Paul established the Jersey Competition Regulatory Authority (JCRA) and the British Economic Regulators Forum in 2003; within the JCRA holding the posts of Company Secretary,  Head of Jersey Postal Regulation and Senior Competition Markets Manager for over 13 years. Paul was awarded an MBA from Warwick University. 

Marc Allenet
Consultant - GDPR & Data Security

Throughout Marc's career, he has been closely involved with information and data governance. Marc is the principal technical and solutions adviser for Salvus Data Security and is Consultant to CPD FIRST on GDPR and Data Security.

Mark Wharton
IT & Infrastructure

Mark is responsible for all aspects of the online delivery of CPD First; be it end-user access via the portal to ensuring that our servers and platform deliver optimum performance and a first class client experience every time.

Emily Hamilton
Digital Marketing

Emily holds a first class honours degree in International Finance from Jersey International Business School and is responsible for all aspects of the company's digital marketing, client communications and ongoing client relationship management.