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AML for Accountants, Auditors and Tax Advisers

The course is suitable for all accountants, auditors or tax advisors who require regular anti-money laundering training.  It is not jurisdiction specific and can be used globally.

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There are four core objectives of this course:

1. You understand how accounting, audit and tax services are perceived from a regulatory perspective.
2. Gain an understanding of the AML risks faced by accountants, external auditors and tax advisors.
3. Can identify potential AML red flags in respect of clients, client accounts and client transactions.
4. Have an awareness of AML examples and typographies relevant to accounting, audit and tax services.


1. Introduction
2. Regulatory Perspectives
3. Risks
4. Red Flags
5. Real Examples
6. Practical Issues
7. Summary


There is a 10 question knowledge check at the end of the e-earning course with a standard pass mark of 80% and unlimited attempts. The 10 questions are drawn randomly from a larger bank of questions. Each attempt will draw a different mix of questions.


45 minutes + 10 minutes of questions.


The user will receive a certificate in pdf format upon successful completion of the e learning course and knowledge check.


Each purchase is for a licence for a single user. The user has access to all the e learning course material for 6 (six) months via our web based e learning platform.


For volume purchasers, your nominated administrator will be able to download:

A set of detailed reports in Excel format showing course completion data for all of your users; and
Copies of all certificates.

Our courses have been reviewed and approved by over 100 Compliance Officers and deemed appropriate for use by all of their employees. We regularly update the course material as regulations evolve.